Beaches in the surrounding area!

1,7 κμ

Agia Paraskevi

The most picturesque of Perdika’s beaches, it is found 1.7 km from the village on the road towards Sivota. Quaint and peaceful, with coarse sand and pebbles and clean, deep, crystal-clear water, it offers you a postcard-like view, as it is surrounded by olive trees, while the small island is in front of it and the small church of the same name is on its left . There are cafes, bars, restaurants and quite a few hotels.



8,7 κμ


One of the most well-known beaches in the area is beautiful and charming, both long as well as wide with coarse white sand and deep, blue, clear waters. The green hills found on either side of the beach definitely contribute to the scene of a truly magical landmark. It is busy with quite a few hotels, rented rooms, restaurants and cafes. It is a beach which charms every visitor. You can find this beach 8.5km from our campsite.


7,4 κμ


This is a large beach with dark, fine sand and very shallow waters, which makes it ideal for games and relaxation at the sea, even for our young visitors. It is surrounded by a picturesque landscape, its vegetation spreading from behind the sand making it truly enchanting. It has a small harbor, from where you can take day trips to Paxos or enjoy boat rides along Perdika’s coastline. You will find cafes, fish taverns, restaurants, rented rooms and hotels along the seaside.


2,8 κμ

Mega Drafi

Just after the beach of Agia Paraskevi towards Sivota, you will find Mega Drafi. It is made up of two small beaches, separated by a rocky hill. It has clean, clear blue waters, white pebbles and sand. It is surrounded by green rocks, offering you a peaceful location.


7,3 κμ


Near the most well-known beaches of Perdika, Karavostasi and Arilla, you can find the small beach of Stavrolimenas. It is a natural, protected, lush green bay. It is a picturesque, small, quiet beach surrounded by olive trees and it has blue clear waters and white pebbles, which truly lead to a beautiful combination of sea blue and nature’s green


12,8 κμ

Prapa Mali

The southernmost beach of Perdika, Prapa Mali can be found behind the archeological site of Dimocastro(as it can be seen form Karavostasi Beach). Its clear blue waters make a great impression, whilst its fine sand brings exotic places to mind. If you like peace and quiet or just want to get away from everything, a visit to Prapa Mali is worthwhile.